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New York Giants american-football Team Logo
New York Giants
Recent Competitions
East League Position: 22, Points: 280-357, Win Streak: 1
Unbeaten Streak: 0
League Position
Usa: New York Giants - Latest Results
03.01.21 20:00USANFL New York Giants23 - 19Dallas Cowboys W
27.12.20 20:00USANFL Baltimore Ravens27 - 13New York Giants L
21.12.20 03:20USANFL New York Giants6 - 20Cleveland Browns L
13.12.20 20:00USANFL New York Giants7 - 26Arizona Cardinals L
06.12.20 23:05USANFL Seattle Seahawks12 - 17New York Giants W
29.11.20 20:00USANFL Cincinnati Bengals17 - 19New York Giants W
15.11.20 20:00USANFL New York Giants27 - 17Philadelphia Eagles W
08.11.20 20:00USANFL Washington Redskins20 - 23New York Giants W
03.11.20 03:15USANFL New York Giants23 - 25Tampa Bay Buccaneers L
23.10.20 02:20USANFL Philadelphia Eagles22 - 21New York Giants L
18.10.20 19:00USANFL New York Giants20 - 19Washington Redskins W
11.10.20 22:25USANFL Dallas Cowboys37 - 34New York Giants L
04.10.20 22:05USANFL Los Angeles Rams17 - 9New York Giants L
27.09.20 19:00USANFL New York Giants9 - 36San Francisco 49ers L
20.09.20 19:00USANFL Chicago Bears17 - 13New York Giants L
15.09.20 01:10USANFL New York Giants16 - 26Pittsburgh Steelers L
29.12.19 23:25USANFL New York Giants17 - 34Philadelphia Eagles L
22.12.19 20:00USANFL Washington Redskins35 - 41New York Giants W
15.12.19 20:00USANFL New York Giants36 - 20Miami Dolphins W
10.12.19 03:15USANFL Philadelphia Eagles23 - 17New York Giants L
01.12.19 20:00USANFL New York Giants13 - 31Green Bay Packers L
24.11.19 20:00USANFL Chicago Bears19 - 14New York Giants L
10.11.19 20:00USANFL New York Jets34 - 27New York Giants L
05.11.19 03:15USANFL New York Giants18 - 37Dallas Cowboys L
27.10.19 19:00USANFL Detroit Lions31 - 26New York Giants L
20.10.19 19:00USANFL New York Giants21 - 27Arizona Cardinals L
11.10.19 02:20USANFL New England Patriots35 - 14New York Giants L
06.10.19 19:00USANFL New York Giants10 - 28Minnesota Vikings L
29.09.19 19:00USANFL New York Giants24 - 3Washington Redskins W
22.09.19 22:05USANFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers31 - 32New York Giants W
15.09.19 19:00USANFL New York Giants14 - 28Buffalo Bills L
08.09.19 22:25USANFL Dallas Cowboys35 - 17New York Giants L
30.08.19 01:30USANFL New England Patriots29 - 31New York Giants W
23.08.19 01:00USANFL Cincinnati Bengals23 - 25New York Giants W
17.08.19 01:30USANFL New York Giants32 - 13Chicago Bears W
09.08.19 01:00USANFL New York Giants31 - 22New York Jets W
30.12.18 20:00USANFL New York Giants35 - 36Dallas Cowboys L
23.12.18 20:00USANFL Indianapolis Colts28 - 27New York Giants L
16.12.18 20:00USANFL New York Giants0 - 17Tennessee Titans L
09.12.18 20:00USANFL Washington Redskins16 - 40New York Giants W
02.12.18 20:00USANFL New York Giants30 - 27Chicago Bears W
25.11.18 20:00USANFL Philadelphia Eagles25 - 22New York Giants L
18.11.18 20:00USANFL New York Giants38 - 35Tampa Bay Buccaneers W
13.11.18 03:15USANFL San Francisco 49ers23 - 27New York Giants W
28.10.18 19:00USANFL New York Giants13 - 20Washington Redskins L
23.10.18 02:15USANFL Atlanta Falcons23 - 20New York Giants L
12.10.18 02:20USANFL New York Giants13 - 34Philadelphia Eagles L
07.10.18 19:00USANFL Carolina Panthers33 - 31New York Giants L
30.09.18 22:25USANFL New York Giants18 - 33New Orleans Saints L
23.09.18 19:00USANFL Houston Texans22 - 27New York Giants W

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