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East League Position: 30, Points: 759-1070, Win Streak: 0
Unbeaten Streak: 1
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USA: Baltimore Orioles - Latest Results
03.10.21 22:07USAMLB Toronto Blue Jays12 - 4Baltimore Orioles L
02.10.21 22:07USAMLB Toronto Blue Jays10 - 1Baltimore Orioles L
02.10.21 02:07USAMLB Toronto Blue Jays6 - 4Baltimore Orioles L
01.10.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles6 - 2Boston Red Sox W
30.09.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles0 - 6Boston Red Sox L
29.09.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles4 - 2Boston Red Sox W
26.09.21 20:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles4 - 7Texas Rangers L
26.09.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles3 - 2Texas Rangers W
25.09.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles5 - 8Texas Rangers L
24.09.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles3 - 0Texas Rangers W
23.09.21 02:05USAMLB Philadelphia Phillies4 - 3Baltimore Orioles L
22.09.21 02:05USAMLB Philadelphia Phillies3 - 2Baltimore Orioles L
21.09.21 02:05USAMLB Philadelphia Phillies0 - 2Baltimore Orioles W
19.09.21 20:10USAMLB Boston Red Sox8 - 6Baltimore Orioles L
18.09.21 20:10USAMLB Boston Red Sox9 - 3Baltimore Orioles L
18.09.21 02:10USAMLB Boston Red Sox7 - 1Baltimore Orioles L
17.09.21 00:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles3 - 2New York Yankees W
16.09.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles3 - 4New York Yankees L
15.09.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles2 - 7New York Yankees L
12.09.21 20:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles7 - 22Toronto Blue Jays L
12.09.21 02:35USAMLB Baltimore Orioles2 - 11Toronto Blue Jays L
11.09.21 23:35USAMLB Baltimore Orioles10 - 11Toronto Blue Jays L
11.09.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles6 - 3Toronto Blue Jays W
10.09.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles0 - 6Kansas City Royals L
09.09.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles9 - 8Kansas City Royals W
08.09.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles7 - 3Kansas City Royals W
06.09.21 20:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles2 - 3Kansas City Royals L
05.09.21 20:05USAMLB New York Yankees7 - 8Baltimore Orioles W
04.09.21 20:05USAMLB New York Yankees3 - 4Baltimore Orioles W
04.09.21 02:05USAMLB New York Yankees4 - 3Baltimore Orioles L
02.09.21 02:07USAMLB Toronto Blue Jays5 - 4Baltimore Orioles L
01.09.21 02:07USAMLB Toronto Blue Jays2 - 4Baltimore Orioles W
31.08.21 02:07USAMLB Toronto Blue Jays7 - 3Baltimore Orioles L
29.08.21 20:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles8 - 12Tampa Bay Rays L
29.08.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles3 - 4Tampa Bay Rays L
28.08.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles3 - 6Tampa Bay Rays L
26.08.21 20:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles13 - 1Los Angeles Angels W
26.08.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles10 - 6Los Angeles Angels W
25.08.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles8 - 14Los Angeles Angels L
22.08.21 20:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles1 - 3Atlanta Braves L
22.08.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles4 - 5Atlanta Braves L
21.08.21 02:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles0 - 3Atlanta Braves L
19.08.21 20:10USAMLB Tampa Bay Rays7 - 2Baltimore Orioles L
19.08.21 02:10USAMLB Tampa Bay Rays8 - 4Baltimore Orioles L
18.08.21 02:10USAMLB Tampa Bay Rays10 - 0Baltimore Orioles L
17.08.21 02:10USAMLB Tampa Bay Rays9 - 2Baltimore Orioles L
15.08.21 20:10USAMLB Boston Red Sox6 - 2Baltimore Orioles L
14.08.21 23:10USAMLB Boston Red Sox16 - 2Baltimore Orioles L
14.08.21 02:10USAMLB Boston Red Sox8 - 1Baltimore Orioles L
12.08.21 23:05USAMLB Baltimore Orioles4 - 6Detroit Tigers L

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