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Ivory Coast U18 basketball Team Logo
Ivory Coast U18
 (Ivory Coast)
Recent Competitions
Unbeaten Streak: 0
League Position
Ivory Coast: Ivory Coast U18 - Latest Results
31.07.16 12:15AFRAF18 Algeria U1855 - 54Ivory Coast U18 L
30.07.16 16:45AFRAF18 Ivory Coast U1874 - 76Rwanda U18 L
29.07.16 13:30AFRAF18 Ivory Coast U1847 - 85Angola U18 L
27.07.16 09:00AFRAF18 Ivory Coast U18CANCZimbabwe U18
26.07.16 15:45AFRAF18 Gabon U1868 - 77Ivory Coast U18 W
24.07.16 20:10AFRAF18 Ivory Coast U1845 - 58Algeria U18 L
23.07.16 18:00AFRAF18 Rwanda U1874 - 65Ivory Coast U18 L
22.07.16 15:00AFRAF18 Mali U1863 - 44Ivory Coast U18 L
10.08.14 15:00AFRAF18 Madagascar U1882 - 68Ivory Coast U18 L
09.08.14 12:00AFRAF18 Benin U1850 - 66Ivory Coast U18 W
08.08.14 14:00AFRAF18 Ivory Coast U1847 - 60Mali U18 L
06.08.14 14:00AFRAF18 Angola U1871 - 73Ivory Coast U18 W
05.08.14 16:00AFRAF18 Egypt U1861 - 43Ivory Coast U18 L
04.08.14 18:00AFRAF18 Ivory Coast U1874 - 56Gabon U18 W
03.08.14 18:00AFRAF18 Ivory Coast U1860 - 77Tunisia U18 L
25.08.12 18:00AFRAF18 Senegal U1871 - 62Ivory Coast U18   L
24.08.12 20:00AFRAF18 Egypt U1842 - 57Ivory Coast U18 W
23.08.12 16:00AFRAF18 Ivory Coast U1864 - 48Ghana U18 W
21.08.12 14:00AFRAF18 Morocco U1859 - 62Ivory Coast U18 W
20.08.12 16:00AFRAF18 Ivory Coast U1853 - 61Senegal U18 L
18.08.12 18:00AFRAF18 Ivory Coast U1845 - 49Egypt U18 L
17.08.12 12:00AFRAF18 Gabon U1845 - 57Ivory Coast U18 W
16.08.12 16:00AFRAF18 Ivory Coast U1868 - 51Angola U18 W
15.10.10 12:00AFRAF18 Nigeria U1897 - 59Ivory Coast U18   L
13.10.10 14:30AFRAF18 Ivory Coast U1846 - 80Gabon U18 L
12.10.10 16:00AFRAF18 Egypt U18105 - 42Ivory Coast U18 L
10.10.10 14:00AFRAF18 Tunisia U1888 - 45Ivory Coast U18 L
08.10.10 20:30AFRAF18 Ivory Coast U1841 - 61Angola U18 L

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