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Dallas Mavericks
Recent Competitions
Southwest League Position: 13, Points: 8337-7909, Win Streak: 1
League Position: 5, Points: 471-457, Win Streak: 0
Unbeaten Streak: 1
League Position
USA: Dallas Mavericks - Latest Results
16.04.20 02:30USANBA Dallas MavericksPSTPOklahoma City Thunder
14.04.20 04:00USANBA Denver NuggetsPSTPDallas Mavericks
11.04.20 22:00USANBA Dallas MavericksPSTPDetroit Pistons
08.04.20 03:30USANBA Dallas MavericksPSTPHouston Rockets
06.04.20 01:00USANBA Brooklyn NetsPSTPDallas Mavericks
04.04.20 03:00USANBA Memphis GrizzliesPSTPDallas Mavericks
02.04.20 03:00USANBA Minnesota TimberwolvesPSTPDallas Mavericks
29.03.20 22:00USANBA Dallas MavericksPSTPMilwaukee Bucks
27.03.20 03:30USANBA Dallas MavericksPSTPUtah Jazz
24.03.20 03:30USANBA Dallas MavericksPSTPHouston Rockets
22.03.20 05:00USANBA Phoenix SunsPSTPDallas Mavericks
20.03.20 05:00USANBA Portland TrailblazersPSTPDallas Mavericks
18.03.20 05:00USANBA Sacramento KingsPSTPDallas Mavericks
17.03.20 05:30USANBA Los Angeles ClippersPSTPDallas Mavericks
14.03.20 21:00USANBA Dallas MavericksPSTPPhoenix Suns
12.03.20 03:00USANBA Dallas Mavericks113 - 97Denver Nuggets W
11.03.20 03:00USANBA San Antonio Spurs119 - 109Dallas Mavericks L
09.03.20 02:00USANBA Dallas Mavericks109 - 112Indiana Pacers L
07.03.20 04:30USANBA Dallas Mavericks121 - 96Memphis Grizzlies W
05.03.20 05:30USANBA Dallas Mavericks127 - 123New Orleans Pelicans W
03.03.20 04:00USANBA Chicago Bulls109 - 107Dallas Mavericks L
01.03.20 23:30USANBA Minnesota Timberwolves91 - 111Dallas Mavericks W
29.02.20 04:00USANBA Miami Heat126 - 118Dallas Mavericks L
27.02.20 04:30USANBA San Antonio Spurs103 - 109Dallas Mavericks W
25.02.20 04:30USANBA Dallas Mavericks139 - 123Minnesota Timberwolves W
23.02.20 03:30USANBA Atlanta Hawks111 - 107Dallas Mavericks L
22.02.20 03:00USANBA Orlando Magic106 - 122Dallas Mavericks W
13.02.20 04:30USANBA Dallas Mavericks130 - 111Sacramento Kings W
11.02.20 04:30USANBA Dallas Mavericks119 - 123Utah Jazz L
09.02.20 03:00USANBA Charlotte Hornets100 - 116Dallas Mavericks W
08.02.20 03:00USANBA Washington Wizards119 - 118Dallas Mavericks L
06.02.20 04:30USANBA Dallas Mavericks107 - 121Memphis Grizzlies L
04.02.20 03:00USANBA Indiana Pacers103 - 112Dallas Mavericks W
02.02.20 04:30USANBA Dallas Mavericks123 - 100Atlanta Hawks W
01.02.20 03:30USANBA Houston Rockets128 - 121Dallas Mavericks L
29.01.20 04:30USANBA Dallas Mavericks104 - 133Phoenix Suns L
28.01.20 04:00USANBA Oklahoma City Thunder97 - 107Dallas Mavericks W
26.01.20 01:00USANBA Utah Jazz112 - 107Dallas Mavericks L
24.01.20 06:30USANBA Portland Trailblazers125 - 133Dallas Mavericks W
22.01.20 04:30USANBA Dallas Mavericks107 - 110Los Angeles Clippers L
18.01.20 05:30USANBA Dallas Mavericks120 - 112Portland Trailblazers W
16.01.20 06:00USANBA Sacramento Kings123 - 127Dallas Mavericks W
15.01.20 06:30USANBA Golden State Warriors97 - 124Dallas Mavericks W
12.01.20 04:30USANBA Dallas Mavericks109 - 91Philadelphia 76ers W
11.01.20 05:45USANBA Dallas Mavericks114 - 129Los Angeles Lakers L
09.01.20 03:30USANBA Dallas Mavericks106 - 107Denver Nuggets L
07.01.20 04:30USANBA Dallas Mavericks118 - 110Chicago Bulls W
05.01.20 04:30USANBA Dallas Mavericks120 - 123Charlotte Hornets L
03.01.20 04:30USANBA Dallas Mavericks123 - 111Brooklyn Nets W
01.01.20 04:00USANBA Oklahoma City Thunder106 - 101Dallas Mavericks L

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