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Mississauga Steelheads ice-hockey Team Logo
Mississauga Steelheads
Recent Competitions
Central Division League Position: 1, Points: 148-111, Win Streak: 0
Unbeaten Streak: 0
League Position
Canada: Mississauga Steelheads - Latest Results
22.01.22 02:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads4 - 7Peterborough Petes L
21.01.22 02:05CANOHL Oshawa Generals4 - 3Mississauga Steelheads L
17.01.22 01:05CANOHL Oshawa Generals1 - 3Mississauga Steelheads W
15.01.22 23:00CANOHL Barrie Colts1 - 3Mississauga Steelheads W
15.01.22 02:00CANOHL Mississauga SteelheadsPSTPNiagara IceDogs
14.01.22 02:00CANOHL North Bay BattalionPSTPMississauga Steelheads
09.01.22 21:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads5 - 2Peterborough Petes W
09.01.22 21:00CANOHL Mississauga SteelheadsPSTPKingston Frontenacs
08.01.22 02:05CANOHL Sudbury Wolves3 - 4Mississauga Steelheads W
07.01.22 02:00CANOHL North Bay Battalion4 - 3Mississauga Steelheads L
01.01.22 02:05CANOHL Sudbury Wolves2 - 8Mississauga Steelheads W
30.12.21 02:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads5 - 4North Bay Battalion W
18.12.21 02:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads2 - 1North Bay Battalion W
16.12.21 02:00CANOHL Hamilton Bulldogs1 - 4Mississauga Steelheads W
12.12.21 21:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads3 - 5Kingston Frontenacs L
11.12.21 02:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads9 - 1Niagara IceDogs W
10.12.21 02:05CANOHL Peterborough Petes1 - 2Mississauga Steelheads W
05.12.21 21:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads3 - 2Oshawa Generals W
04.12.21 02:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads1 - 0Ottawa 67s W
28.11.21 21:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads4 - 5Kingston Frontenacs L
27.11.21 02:05CANOHL Sudbury Wolves2 - 1Mississauga Steelheads L
26.11.21 02:05CANOHL Sudbury Wolves3 - 5Mississauga Steelheads W
21.11.21 21:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads7 - 2Sudbury Wolves W
20.11.21 02:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads3 - 0Barrie Colts W
19.11.21 02:00CANOHL Niagara IceDogs1 - 7Mississauga Steelheads W
13.11.21 22:00CANOHL Kingston Frontenacs5 - 4Mississauga Steelheads L
13.11.21 02:00CANOHL Ottawa 67s0 - 3Mississauga Steelheads W
07.11.21 21:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads4 - 1Niagara IceDogs W
06.11.21 01:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads3 - 0Hamilton Bulldogs W
04.11.21 01:00CANOHL Kingston Frontenacs2 - 3Mississauga Steelheads W
30.10.21 22:00CANOHL Hamilton Bulldogs2 - 3Mississauga Steelheads W
30.10.21 01:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads2 - 3Barrie Colts L
24.10.21 20:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads2 - 4Hamilton Bulldogs L
24.10.21 01:00CANOHL Niagara IceDogs4 - 2Mississauga Steelheads L
23.10.21 01:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads5 - 2Ottawa 67s W
17.10.21 01:30CANOHL Barrie Colts2 - 0Mississauga Steelheads L
16.10.21 01:00CANOHL North Bay Battalion7 - 1Mississauga Steelheads L
10.10.21 01:00CANOHL Kingston Frontenacs2 - 7Mississauga Steelheads W
02.10.21 01:30CANOHL Guelph Storm7 - 4Mississauga Steelheads L
01.10.21 01:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads4 - 5Guelph Storm L
26.09.21 20:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads0 - 1Kitchener Rangers L
25.09.21 01:30CANOHL Kitchener Rangers4 - 3Mississauga Steelheads L
19.09.21 20:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads6 - 7Guelph Storm L
05.09.21 01:00CANOHL Guelph Storm1 - 3Mississauga Steelheads W
14.03.20 01:00CANOHL Mississauga SteelheadsPSTPNiagara IceDogs
13.03.20 01:00CANOHL North Bay BattalionPSTPMississauga Steelheads
08.03.20 02:05CANOHL Peterborough Petes5 - 1Mississauga Steelheads L
07.03.20 02:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads8 - 5North Bay Battalion W
05.03.20 18:00CANOHL Mississauga Steelheads2 - 6Saginaw Spirit L
01.03.20 21:05CANOHL Sudbury Wolves3 - 4Mississauga Steelheads W

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