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Al Ahly Merowe : Overview


Sudan: Al Ahly Merowe - Latest Results

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06.12.18  19:00  SDNPL Al MerreikhPSTPAl Ahly Merowe
30.11.18  19:00  SDNPL Al Ahli Khartoum1 - 1Al Ahly Merowe D
22.11.18  19:00  SDNPL Al Ahly Merowe1 - 2Amal Atbara L
04.10.18  19:30  SDNPL Al Hilal Omdurman0 - 1Al Ahly Merowe W
03.10.18  16:00  SDNPL Al Ahly Merowe0 - 2Al Ahli Shendi L
25.09.18  16:00  SDNPL Al Ahly Merowe0 - 0Merreikh El Fasher D
20.09.18  19:30  SDNPL Hilal Obayed1 - 1Al Ahly Merowe D
11.09.18  16:00  SDNPL Al Ahly Merowe0 - 0Khartoum Al Watani D
31.08.18  20:00  SDNPL Al Merreikh5 - 0Al Ahly Merowe L
27.08.18  19:00  SDNPL Hay Al Arab1 - 0Al Ahly Merowe L

Sudan: Al Ahly Merowe - Next Matches

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12.12.18  19:00  SDNPL Al Ahly Merowe - Al Mourada  
18.12.18  19:00  SDNPL Hay Al Wadi - Al Ahly Merowe  
30.12.18  19:00  SDNPL Al Ahly Merowe - Hilal Obayed  
06.01.19  19:00  SDNPL Khartoum Al Watani - Al Ahly Merowe  

Sudan: Group A: 2018/2019 - League Table

# Team Pts MP W D L Goals +/- Total Form
1.Al Mourada632014 - 13
2.Khartoum Al Watani431113 - 30
3.Hilal Obayed431112 - 20
4.Hay Al Wadi431113 - 4-1WL
5.Al Ahli Khartoum330302 - 20DDD
6.Amal Atbara321012 - 3-1LW
7.Al Merreikh110101 - 10D
8.Al Ahly Merowe120112 - 3-1DL
 Championship Round
 Relegation Round
Last Updated: 08/12/2018 21:00 GMT
#: Rank   Team: Team Name   Pts: Points   MP: Matches Played   W: Won Matches   D: Draw Matches   L: Lost Matches   Goals: Goals For - Goals Against    +/-: Goals Difference

In the event of a points tie the following will apply: 1. Points. 2. Goal difference. 3. Number of goals scored.

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