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Cuba U19 : Results

Norceca: Cuba U19 - Latest Results
30.08.19 15:40WORWCH Cuba U191 - 3South Korea U19 L
29.08.19 17:00WORWCH Cuba U190 - 3Brazil U19 L
28.08.19 17:00WORWCH Germany U190 - 3Cuba U19 W
27.08.19 17:00WORWCH Cuba U190 - 3Iran U19 L
25.08.19 11:00WORWCH Belarus U193 - 1Cuba U19 L
23.08.19 11:00WORWCH Chinese Taipei U191 - 3Cuba U19 W
22.08.19 17:30WORWCH Cuba U193 - 2Brazil U19 W
21.08.19 23:00WORWCH Cuba U193 - 0Tunisia U19 W
17.08.19 16:00FGINT Cuba U193 - 1Argentina U19 W
29.04.19 23:00NCAPAC19 Mexico U190 - 3Cuba U19 W
28.04.19 21:00NCAPAC19 Cuba U193 - 0Chile U19 W
26.04.19 21:00NCAPAC19 Cuba U193 - 0Guatemala U19 W
26.04.19 01:00NCAPAC19 Dominican Republic U190 - 3Cuba U19 W
24.04.19 21:00NCAPAC19 Nicaragua U190 - 3Cuba U19 W
11.06.18 02:00NCACC21 Cuba U193 - 0USA U19 W
10.06.18 01:00NCACC21 Cuba U193 - 0Guatemala U19 W
09.06.18 01:00NCACC21 USA U190 - 3Cuba U19 W
07.06.18 23:00NCACC21 Cuba U193 - 0Guatemala U19 W
07.06.18 01:00NCACC21 Cuba U193 - 0Honduras U19 W
27.08.17 10:00WORWCH USA U193 - 0Cuba U19 L
26.08.17 15:15WORWCH Bahrain U193 - 0Cuba U19 L
25.08.17 19:15WORWCH Italy U193 - 0Cuba U19 L
24.08.17 20:30WORWCH Egypt U193 - 2Cuba U19 L
21.08.17 14:30WORWCH Brazil U193 - 1Cuba U19 L
20.08.17 12:00WORWCH Cuba U193 - 2Poland U19 W
19.08.17 12:00WORWCH France U193 - 0Cuba U19 L
18.08.17 15:15WORWCH Cuba U190 - 3Japan U19 L
30.06.16 03:00NCACC21 USA U192 - 3Cuba U19 W
29.06.16 01:00NCACC21 Cuba U193 - 0Nicaragua U19 W
27.06.16 01:00NCACC21 Cuba U193 - 1Mexico U19 W
26.06.16 01:00NCACC21 Cuba U193 - 0Jamaica U19 W
25.06.16 01:00NCACC21 Cuba U193 - 0Antigua & Barbuda U19 W
23.08.15 22:30WORWCH Turkey U193 - 0Cuba U19 L
23.08.15 00:00WORWCH Cuba U193 - 2Bulgaria U19 W
21.08.15 21:30WORWCH Chile U190 - 3Cuba U19 W
20.08.15 02:00WORWCH Argentina U193 - 0Cuba U19 L
18.08.15 14:00WORWCH Cuba U193 - 0Egypt U19 W
17.08.15 16:00WORWCH Cuba U191 - 3Mexico U19 L
15.08.15 16:30WORWCH China U191 - 3Cuba U19 W
14.08.15 14:00WORWCH Cuba U190 - 3Italy U19 L
07.07.13 21:00WORWCH Cuba U193 - 2France U19 W
06.07.13 21:00WORWCH Argentina U193 - 2Cuba U19 L
05.07.13 23:00WORWCH Cuba U191 - 3Russia U19 L
03.07.13 23:00WORWCH Cuba U193 - 0Belgium U19 W
01.07.13 21:00WORWCH Chile U191 - 3Cuba U19 W
01.07.13 04:00WORWCH Cuba U193 - 0Japan U19 W
28.06.13 23:00WORWCH Argentina U193 - 2Cuba U19 L
28.06.13 04:00WORWCH Cuba U190 - 3Turkey U19 L
29.08.11 01:00WORWCH Cuba U193 - 0France U19 W
28.08.11 01:00WORWCH Spain U193 - 1Cuba U19 L

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