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Baseball Livescore

     Japan: Pro Yakyu - NPB
06:00Canc   Orix Buffaloes (5)  ------------- 
  Nippon Ham Fighters (6)  ------------- 
     USA: MLB
03:05FT   Cleveland Indians (1)CLE6014000100-62
  Chicago Cubs (1)CHC11023301200-133
03:40FT   Seattle Mariners (4)SEA3000102000-84
  Oakland Athletics (2)OAK7000005020-101
20:05FT   Atlanta Braves (3)ATL4000300100-111
  Houston Astros (1)HOU6101110002-141 
20:05FT   Baltimore Orioles (4)BAL3100000002-92
  Toronto Blue Jays (3)TOR9111020211-163 
20:05FT   Boston Red Sox (2)BOS611002020X-101
  Tampa Bay Rays (5)TB6300210000-110
20:05FT   New York Yankees (1)NYY6000330000-91
  Philadelphia Phillies (4)PHI7000104020-111
20:05FT   Pittsburgh Pirates (4)PIT830011021X-114
  Detroit Tigers (5)DET3012000000-63
20:05FT   St. Louis Cardinals (3)STL500100031X-90
  Miami Marlins (1)FLA4001012000-82 
20:05FT   Washington Nationals (2)WSH800004103X-111
  New York Mets (5)NYM5001110011-102 
22:05FT   Chicago Cubs (1)CHC1005040001X-130
  San Diego Padres (1)SD4001011100-91 
22:05FT   Chicago White Sox (SS) (4)CWS0000000000-51 
  Kansas City Royals (3)KC12124230000-131 
22:05FT   Milwaukee Brewers (2)MIL6111030000-120
  Arizona Diamondbacks (2)ARI11200207000-130
22:05FT   Oakland Athletics (2)OAK700114010X-100
  Los Angeles Angels (3)LAA3201000000-80
22:05FT   Texas Rangers (5)TEX500100211X-90 
  Chicago White Sox (SS) (4)CWS4001010200-71 
22:10FT   Colorado Rockies (5)COL3000200001-80
  Cincinnati Reds (5)CIN2100001000-51 

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