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Czech Republic U20 handball Team Logo
Czech Republic U20
Recent Competitions
Group B League Position: 1, Points: 0-0, Win Streak: 0
Unbeaten Streak: 2
League Position
Europe: Czech Republic U20 - Latest Results
29.07.18 20:00EUREB2 Czech Republic U2027 - 17Austria U20 W
28.07.18 18:00EUREB2 Czech Republic U2025 - 13Montenegro U20 W
26.07.18 14:00EUREB2 Czech Republic U2022 - 29Austria U20 L
25.07.18 18:00EUREB2 Netherlands U2024 - 27Czech Republic U20 W
23.07.18 16:00EUREB2 Czech Republic U2036 - 18Bulgaria U20 W
22.07.18 18:00EUREB2 Kosovo U2015 - 22Czech Republic U20 W
20.07.18 12:00EUREB2 Czech Republic U2035 - 25Moldova U20 W
10.04.16 17:30EUREC20 Czech Republic U2026 - 20Netherlands U20 W
09.04.16 18:30EUREC20 Turkey U2021 - 28Czech Republic U20 W
08.04.16 19:30EUREC20 Czech Republic U2022 - 28Austria U20 L
06.04.14 13:30EUREC20 Czech Republic U2021 - 20Poland U20 W
05.04.14 13:30EUREC20 Czech Republic U2022 - 35Slovakia U20 L
04.04.14 19:00EUREC20 Denmark U2031 - 28Czech Republic U20 L
14.07.12 14:00EUREC20 Czech Republic U2034 - 31France U20 W
13.07.12 13:00EUREC20 Czech Republic U2033 - 28Serbia U20 W
11.07.12 13:00EUREC20 Czech Republic U2029 - 30Poland U20 L
10.07.12 15:00EUREC20 Czech Republic U2030 - 38Russia U20 L
08.07.12 19:00EUREC20 Turkey U2027 - 42Czech Republic U20 W
06.07.12 17:00EUREC20 Czech Republic U2020 - 33Spain U20 L
05.07.12 17:00EUREC20 Norway U2034 - 28Czech Republic U20 L
07.08.10 17:30EUREC20 Czech Republic U2028 - 31Romania U20 L
06.08.10 17:30EUREC20 Czech Republic U2030 - 28Finland U20 W
05.08.10 01:00EUREC20 Czech Republic U2025 - 27Slovakia U20 L
03.08.10 19:00EUREC20 Israel U2025 - 32Czech Republic U20 W
01.08.10 21:00EUREC20 Czech Republic U2024 - 30Serbia U20 L
31.07.10 18:00EUREC20 Czech Republic U2031 - 34France U20 L
29.07.10 20:00EUREC20 Denmark U2029 - 21Czech Republic U20 L

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