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Traktor Chelyabinsk ice-hockey Team Logo
Traktor Chelyabinsk
Recent Competitions
Kharlamov Division League Position: 9, Points: 127-114, Win Streak: 2
Unbeaten Streak: 1
League Position
Russia: Traktor Chelyabinsk - Latest Results
26.01.21 15:30RUSKHL Barys Astana2 - 3Traktor Chelyabinsk W
21.01.21 16:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk2 - 1Salavat Yulayev W
19.01.21 16:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk2 - 3Avangard Omsk L
17.01.21 14:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk4 - 0Lokomotiv W
14.01.21 16:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk2 - 1Vityaz W
10.01.21 16:30RUSKHL Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod3 - 2Traktor Chelyabinsk L
08.01.21 16:00RUSKHL AK Bars Kazan3 - 2Traktor Chelyabinsk L
06.01.21 14:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk2 - 6HC Spartak Moscow L
28.12.20 16:00RUSKHL Avangard Omsk5 - 3Traktor Chelyabinsk L
26.12.20 16:30RUSKHL Kunlun Red Star4 - 3Traktor Chelyabinsk L
24.12.20 18:30RUSKHL Neftekhimik2 - 3Traktor Chelyabinsk W
22.12.20 16:00RUSKHL Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg2 - 3Traktor Chelyabinsk W
13.12.20 14:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk2 - 4Barys Astana L
11.12.20 16:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk2 - 0Sibir Novosibirsk W
09.12.20 16:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk2 - 5Jokerit L
05.12.20 14:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk1 - 5SKA Saint Petersburg L
03.12.20 15:00RUSKHL Dynamo Riga3 - 4Traktor Chelyabinsk W
01.12.20 18:00RUSKHL Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod2 - 0Traktor Chelyabinsk L
29.11.20 16:00RUSKHL Neftekhimik5 - 3Traktor Chelyabinsk L
26.11.20 16:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk4 - 3Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg W
22.11.20 14:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk2 - 5HC Dynamo Moscow L
18.11.20 18:30RUSKHL SKA Saint Petersburg0 - 1Traktor Chelyabinsk W
16.11.20 18:30RUSKHL Jokerit1 - 3Traktor Chelyabinsk W
14.11.20 16:00RUSKHL Kunlun Red Star3 - 5Traktor Chelyabinsk W
12.11.20 16:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk2 - 1AK Bars Kazan W
10.11.20 16:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk2 - 1Metallurg Magnitogorsk W
01.11.20 14:00RUSKHL Metallurg Magnitogorsk4 - 1Traktor Chelyabinsk L
30.10.20 16:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk5 - 1Dynamo Riga W
28.10.20 16:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk4 - 1Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod W
25.10.20 09:00RUSKHL Amur Khabarovsk1 - 2Traktor Chelyabinsk W
23.10.20 11:00RUSKHL Amur Khabarovsk2 - 4Traktor Chelyabinsk W
21.10.20 14:30RUSKHL Sibir Novosibirsk3 - 1Traktor Chelyabinsk L
18.10.20 13:30RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk6 - 3Neftekhimik W
15.10.20 18:00RUSKHL Severstal Cherepovets0 - 4Traktor Chelyabinsk W
13.10.20 18:00RUSKHL AK Bars Kazan2 - 3Traktor Chelyabinsk W
11.10.20 14:00RUSKHL Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg3 - 1Traktor Chelyabinsk L
07.10.20 16:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk4 - 2Kunlun Red Star W
01.10.20 18:30RUSKHL HC Dynamo Moscow2 - 4Traktor Chelyabinsk W
29.09.20 18:30RUSKHL HC Sochi2 - 4Traktor Chelyabinsk W
27.09.20 14:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk2 - 3Dynamo Minsk L
24.09.20 16:00RUSKHL Salavat Yulayev3 - 1Traktor Chelyabinsk L
22.09.20 16:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk0 - 1Severstal Cherepovets L
20.09.20 14:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk5 - 0Amur Khabarovsk W
17.09.20 18:30RUSKHL Vityaz1 - 3Traktor Chelyabinsk W
15.09.20 18:30RUSKHL HC Spartak Moscow1 - 2Traktor Chelyabinsk W
13.09.20 16:00RUSKHL Lokomotiv2 - 1Traktor Chelyabinsk L
08.09.20 16:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk2 - 3HC Sochi L
06.09.20 14:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk3 - 1Kunlun Red Star W
03.09.20 16:00RUSKHL Traktor Chelyabinsk1 - 3Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg L
13.08.20 10:00FGCF Neftekhimik3 - 4Traktor Chelyabinsk W

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