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Greece U20 volleyball Team Logo
Greece U20
Recent Competitions
, Points: 0-0, Win Streak: 0
Unbeaten Streak: 0
League Position
Europe: Greece U20 - Latest Results
03.05.20 19:30EURU20 Denmark U20PSTPGreece U20
02.05.20 19:30EURU20 Norway U20PSTPGreece U20
01.05.20 19:30EURU20 Greece U20PSTPGermany U20
28.06.19 20:00EURBC20 Montenegro U203 - 1Greece U20 L
27.06.19 22:45EURBC20 Serbia U201 - 3Greece U20 W
26.06.19 15:00EURBC20 Greece U203 - 0Kosovo U20 W
25.06.19 20:00EURBC20 Albania U203 - 0Greece U20 L
24.06.19 15:00EURBC20 Greece U203 - 0North Macedonia U20 W
01.07.18 16:00EURU20 Greece U203 - 1Romania U20 W
30.06.18 16:00EURU20 Serbia U201 - 3Greece U20 W
29.06.18 19:00EURU20 Czech Republic U203 - 0Greece U20 L
28.04.18 16:00EURU20 Slovakia U201 - 3Greece U20 W
27.04.18 21:00EURU20 Greece U200 - 3Turkey U20 L
03.04.16 19:00EURU20 Greece U200 - 3Serbia U20 L
02.04.16 18:30EURU20 Greece U202 - 3Belarus U20 L
31.03.16 21:00EURU20 Estonia U203 - 2Greece U20 L
13.07.14 17:30EURU20 Finland U203 - 0Greece U20 L
12.07.14 20:00EURU20 Greece U200 - 3Serbia U20 L
11.07.14 17:30EURU20 Greece U201 - 3Belgium U20 L
27.04.14 18:30EURU20 England U200 - 3Greece U20 W
26.04.14 19:30EURU20 Greece U203 - 0Netherlands U20 W
25.04.14 17:00EURU20 Greece U202 - 3Bulgaria U20 L
29.08.12 18:30EURU20 Turkey U203 - 1Greece U20 L
28.08.12 21:00EURU20 Greece U202 - 3Germany U20 L
26.08.12 18:30EURU20 Greece U203 - 1Denmark U20 W
25.08.12 21:00EURU20 Bulgaria U203 - 2Greece U20 L
24.08.12 16:00EURU20 Greece U200 - 3Spain U20 L
15.04.12 21:30EURU20 Belarus U201 - 3Greece U20 W
14.04.12 16:30EURU20 Greece U203 - 1Sweden U20 W
13.04.12 19:00EURU20 Montenegro U200 - 3Greece U20 W
12.04.12 21:30EURU20 Greece U203 - 0Finland U20 W

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